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Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie on Damien Chazelle’s Hollywood Epic ‘Babylon’ – Nifey

‘Babylon’ goes on and on “Babylon”, the new film from director Damien Chazelle. A glitzy story of corny Hollywood from the 20s. Everybody Naked. Party hard. Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie play characters based on actors John Gilbert and Clara Bow. It is understood that if you are under 100, only Google knows them. It’s ... Read moreRead More

Jorge Drexler: “El reguetn tendr cosas deplorables, pero qu estilo musical no ha sido misgino”

Actualizado Lunes, 5 diciembre 2022 – 00:05 El uruguayo fue el mximo triunfador de los Grammys Latinos con siete estatuillas, que elevan su palmars a 13 El cantante uruguayo Jorge DrexlerANTONIO HEREDIA Grammy Latinos Rosala gana el Latin Grammy al mejor lbum de 2022 en la gran noche de Jorge Drexler Entrevista Jorge Drexler: “En ... Read moreRead More

Ephemeris December 4: what happened on a day like today?

The birth of Hebe de Bonafini and Advertising Day are remembered. Registered in the civil registry as Hebe María Pastor, Hebe de Bonafini was born on December 4, 1928.who was the founder and leader of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association and passed away on November 20, at the age of 93. The co-founder ... Read moreRead More

George Clooney and U2 honored by the Kennedy Center in Washington

By La Provence (with AFP) George Clooney and the Irish rock group U2 are among the personalities who receive the honors of the Kennedy Center, the most prestigious cultural award in Washington, on Sunday, in the presence of Joe Biden. A host of stars from Hollywood and all of Washington will also celebrate the careers ... Read moreRead More

Caribbean, land in resistance • Workers

For the Nobel Prize winner for Literature Gabriel García Márquez, the Caribbean is the center of gravity of the incredible, of that “real marvelous” that distinguishes a region that, “in fact, extends (from the north) to the south of the United States United States, and south to Brazil. It is not an expansionist delusion, he ... Read moreRead More

Emma Watson discreetly tackles JK Rowling and denounces her transphobic remarks

Here are two who are ready to pull out their magic wands to embark on a formidable duel. On Sunday March 13, 2022, Emma Watson took the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London at the 75th BAFTA Awards – the British Academy Film Awards -, to present the prize for the best British ... Read moreRead More

Will Netflix finally win the Best Picture Oscar with The Power of the Dog?

netflix will it become, on March 27 in Los Angeles, the first streaming platform to see one of its “original productions” win the Oscar for best film? This Sunday March 13, when the BAFTA Awards, the equivalent of the British Caesars, ended, there was no longer any doubt. Winner of the Best Picture and Best ... Read moreRead More

“Ikerbasque has helped create a culture of mobility in Basque science that did not exist”

Euskadi Research Award 2020, the chemist Fernando Cossío combines his work at the helm of Ikerbasque with the research he leads at the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) on the origin of the universe, a project that has won the first European ERC Synergy grant for the Basque Country , endowed with 9.3 million euros. ... Read moreRead More

Forest Whitaker, guest of honor at the 75th Cannes Film Festival

If in the summer of 2021 the Cannes Film Festival rewarded actress Jodie Foster this year it was Forest Whitaker, with whom she shot in “Panic Room” (2002), who received this honor: “Coming to Cannes for the first time 34 years ago changed my life and confirmed that devoting myself to seeking different relationships with ... Read moreRead More

“I will make sure to take the pills”: Will Smith confides in the slap of the Oscars 2022

A few days before the release of his new film Emancipation, on Apple TV +, Will Smith gave an interview to the Sunday newspaper, December 4, 2022. He returned to the slap he gave during the 2022 Oscars ceremony . Since March 27, 2022, Will Smith is very discreet. The reason : the slap he ... Read moreRead More